27 August 2007

A Weekend Full of Dreams

To make up for being ridiculous, I went to bed at round about 8:00 pm on Friday, and slept till oh, 8:00 am?

Then Saturday I had to work for Darci without pay or complaint, because I currently owe her my soul for rescuing me from the wrath of K Friday morning. She had a very cute sidewalk sale. I went to Leo's party after that, and I got his present from Apple Blossom Baby, but I still need to pay for it, and I'm hoping Miss Darci will remind me, because I will very likely forget by the time I get back in there. Saturday I went to bed at....9ish? And slept until....8ish? If you can't tell, I had a really adventurous weekend.

Sunday I CLEANED MY CARPETS, thanks to Brianna, who is a golden goddess. She saved my sanity, and has thus joined the rapidly growing list of People Who Have Earned My Eternal Gratitude. My living room no longer looks like it's been puked on by college freshman, and to me, that's really, really important. I still have all sorts of other cleaning tasks that have fallen by the wayside what with this whole "working" thing that I do (like right this minute for instance--working hard). My goal is to have my house clean by the time I leave town on Thursday, so I can come back to tidyness instead of disaster.

Oh I'm leaving town on Thursday. I'm going visit my parents, ostensibly for my final dentist appointment, but also because it's labor day weekend, and my birthday's coming up, and I would like to dig my toes into the sand one last time before autumn sets in. So call me if you're in town/hanging around/whatever. Mira: I will once again not ditch out/flake on you, because I love you.

I switched around my links, because I know you were getting bored, but I stole a lot of them from dooce.

P.S. I have an Amazon Wish List, if you want to buy me pretty things. Yes, much of it is more like my personal wish list for Gabriel, but look closely, and you'll find things for me too. Or you can just buy me prezzies. Or you can MAKE ME A CD SO I DON'T JAM AN ICE PICK INTO MY EAR FROM LISTENING TO THE SAME SONGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

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