28 August 2007

A Sunny Tuesday Afternoon

Lisa and I have now given ourselves a curfew: 9:30 on weeknights. This way, when we both have to get up at the crack of dawn hopefully our brains won't still be soggy. And for that matter, I think I'm cutting us down to a maximum of two bottles of wine per night.
On the plus side, I got my laundry done, Lisa made a delicious dinner (Indian) and we got in some serious gossip about our family, which is always important. I think that our different names for our shared family members are pretty funny--my Grandma Anne is Lisa's Grandma Pigeon, Grandaddy San Francisco is Grandpa Elevator.

I still love my job and they still love me, so week 2 is going quite well. The only big drawback is that, since I work in Oroville, I don't really have time for any gym-type activities, and I'm getting a bit restless. Hopefully once K gets a little more settled with all of his stuff, like once he gets an apartment for instance, we can go back to our shared custody routine and I'll have a couple of nights a week for running or something. Or maybe I'll get my flat tire fixed--that would be nice.

Gabriel's been being unnaturally good for the past week or so--going to sleep on his own, eating his food, asking to use the potty. And he hasn't smashed any other kids in the face with blunt objects since he started his new daycare, which is definitely a huge bonus.

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