27 August 2007

People Who Have Earned My Eternal Gratitude

Darci-Did the impossible by getting Gabriel into his first daycare, then into his current daycare, then gave me the personal reference that got me my job, then took Gabriel to daycare Friday morning

Sheena-Took K to work on Thursday (as an enormous favor to me--long story), has watched Gabriel on numerous life saving occasions, is one of my many friends who lends me the use of their washer/dryer

Brianna-Lent me her carpet cleaner

Stella-Has been my partner in crime in all of my various and ill-advised adventures that were necessary in maintaining my sanity, also helped me out with getting subsidized childcare etc.

Holly-Spent last spring driving me to work and watching my child before I got a car or worked out Gabe's daycare

Julia-Provided continuous humor and emotional support over the past 4 months, including retail therapy, cd's, and taking me to a musical, despite her own breakup nightmare and heightened stress due to just about everything under the sun

My mom-Helped me get my car out of K's name, paid for my gum surgery, in general has just been a great and supportive mother, despite, or perhaps due to the fact that I am by far the least successful member of my family at the moment

Lisa-Spent her lunch hour giving Gabriel cold medicine, regularly makes me dinner and lets me do my laundry at her house


  1. J-some serious evaluation must be applied to the fact that you're the least successful member of your family.
    1-you have a very sweet beautiful child (even if it has been ENTIRELY too long since I've seen him, I'm positive that is still all very true)
    2-you finished school with your child still in diapers
    3-you're an amazingly strong woman to begin with, and have been one of my personal role models since I've known you
    4-I KNOW you've got FAR less successful members of your family because one of my favorite pass times is to hear you tell stories about them. Was it not Uncle Darwin who shot himself in the head?
    LOVE YOU!!!

  2. OOO, I made the list! I am so flattered. How does the carpet look?