22 August 2007

The Mid-Week, Mid-Morning, Something Or Other


I just permanently indebted myself to my cousin by having her use her lunch break to go to the store, buy decongestant, go to Gabriel's daycare, and give it to him. I'm in Oroville you see, and Gabriel's center won't administer medication of any kind without a prescription, and he's snotting all over everything. Of course, I was already pretty indebted on account of the use of her washer and dryer, the frequent home cooked meals, and many, many glasses of wine.

Thursday, Oh Thursday: I have decided to go out in Sacramento with dearest Stella, who I swear is the worst influence ever! I always have fun, but honestly. Sacramento? On a week night? Nevermind that it might possibly have started out as my idea; it was just an unlikely suggestion because we were talking about how we'd been planning to go for a couple months, and, well, hadn't. She's the one who said she could get me to work on time Friday morning. She's the one who agreed. It has to be her fault. Whatever.

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