01 August 2007

Let's play "Name that Stereotype"

My parents/littlest brother/wee cousin came through on their way to go camping on Monday. Twas nice, we went out to dinner. My dad threw a tantrum, but it was otherwise really great. I heard from one of my job interviews, they want to do a second interview, which is 17 different kinds of awesome.
My house is an eternal mess.
Gabriel has been waking up in the middle of the night, getting out of his crib, knocking on my door, and asking to go outside. So I turned his crib into a toddler bed. But basically, it means he sleeps with me now, because I am simply too drained for sleep training.
Gabriel is going to start at Little Discoveries Preschool in two weeks. Brandi is very nice, and I like how she takes care of my son, but she simply is not dependable enough for me.
My boss gave me a talking to about the incredibly shitty job I do at work, which would be justified, because I do a terrible job, except that he only had complaints about things that I DON'T fuck up on, so that doesn't make much sense.
Name that stereotype: K.Dot is currently carless, jobless, and soon-to-be homeless. I was sort of counting on him to help me pay my rent this month, because he promised to, because I don't make enough money to pay my bills and he owes me upwards of $1000. Well it's the 1st and I haven't paid my rent yet. I'm hoping that he's not going to leave me this high and dry, but it's really not looking very good. He's being evicted from our old apartment, and my name is still on the lease, so hopefully I don't have to deal with that. I think I might not because I'm OBVIOUSLY not living there. It sucks because I actually do like K.Dot, and I think he's a good dad, and I can get along with him okay when there is nothing whatsoever financial involved. The problem is that we share a son, so finances sort of always come up. Oh and he's just getting rid of all our furniture and stuff, even the stuff I want, because he's too lame to figure out how to move it. So he's essentially tossing out a couple thousand dollars worth of furniture. He makes my eyeballs hurt. I really hope he pulls it together. Really really. For him, because I do wish him the best, but mainly and also for Gabriel, who needs a father who can pay his rent every month and pick him up from school without borrowing my bike.


  1. oh babe! i hope he comes good in the end too.

  2. why the hell doesnt he *sell* the furniture? then he could at least pay you back a little.

  3. oh, gotta love the baby daddies. My is using the avoidance method in regards to his monthly contribution lately. Oh, and he didn't send his son anything for his birthday.