03 August 2007

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

For the purpose of he who is my ex-boyfriend not coming up on this site if somebody googles him, I had to run through my blog and give him a sassy code name. I think he's hit pretty low right now, and he's probably going to move back to his parents' house in NY. Which. Sucks. One thing that Gabriel needs more than anything on the planet is, well, a dad. And this is it. Bye dad. Even if he's helping out financially, which I'm sure he plans on doing, because he always plans on it, that's not the same as being there for our sweetie pie. So I'm pretty down right now, although I turned in my notice at a little place that I like to call THE WORST JOB EVER, and as soon as I get that last paycheck, you better believe I will be paying the labor commissioner a friendly call to let him know about some very shady and highly illegal business practices.