08 July 2007

You know you've had something to drink when...

You're eating tortilla chips dipped in peanut butter and they are delicious. I went out with Darci tonight, which was wicked awesome, although I wish we were still out and, well, we're not. Also Darci doesn't like to dance, one of my favorite going out activities. The gossip is fun, but that can happen anywhere. Shaking my ass? That's a club-only activity. I've decided that Darci and I are in a lot of ways the same person in two bodies, and the surprising thing about that is I usually hate people like me, and I love Miss Darci. Even weirder is the friends I have who are just like me, and how none of them have anything in common. Darci, Julia, Molly, at one point Paris, how can I have so much in common with these people and they have nothing in common with each other?

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