17 July 2007


I got tagged by flamingo house. I'm going to try to think of things that I haven't already divulged to the world, so this might be tough....
  1. Every morning and night this is my toothbrushing routine: I rinse with Listerine. I floss. I brush my teeth with a Sonicare toothbrush and toothpaste for two minutes. I use a tongue scraper thingie. I brush my teeth with a manual toothbrush and no toothpaste. I rinse with this hippie mouth wash (Oral Health Tonic). I use the tongue scraper thingie again. I drink a glass of water. Would you like some pie with your obsessive compulsive disorder?
  2. Everybody in my cell phone has a last name. If I get your phone number, and I don't know your last name, I'll leave you in there for a couple weeks, but if I still don't know your last name I just delete you. Because if I don't know you're last name, you're not that important.
  3. When I'm really stressed out/sad/angry/whatever, I find putting on makeup to be incredibly soothing, particularly eyeliner.
  4. One of my top ten favorite activities is walking/riding my bike by myself. I have such an active daydreaming life that I am entirely capable of walking for an hour completely absorbed and "waking up" with no idea where I am miles from home.
  5. I have constant and unslakeable thirst. I drink at least 15 glasses of water a day, if not more.
  6. I count stairs. When I'm walking up or down, I compulsively count them as I go.
  7. On the subject of compulsions, I am constantly playing word games in my head. Like when I'm driving, I try to make words out of the three letter combination in the license plate. Or I try to find the alphabet in passing street signs. Or I try to rearrange people's names into words.
  8. And since it's becoming ever more obvious that I suffer from something bordering on "disorder" I'll throw this one in: I can't look at the time on a digital clock without going through all the possible math combinations. Example: it is currently 10:06. Well 10 plus 6 is 16. 10 minus 6 is 4. 1 plus 0 plus 0 plus 6 is 7. 10 times 6 is 60. 10:06 isn't very fun because of the zeros, and on account of there's not many dividing or multiplying possibilities.
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  1. ok, randomness, i just got done blogging about a flamingo and then I check your blog and youre talkng about flamingo house.

    but more importantly, I totally do the thing with the licence plates AND the digial clock, except i dont count all the possibilities, its worse, i think its "a sign" if i look at the clock and its showing a particular number that may have some meaning for me?! example: 1.01am becasue i lived by the 101 in california, 1955 becasue iwas happiest when iwas 19 and 55 is my lucky number. 5.35pm cos thats the time that Neighboures was on everyday and 420pm for obvious reasons. i think im gona blog epic comment too!!!

    also no one in my phone has surname, which is why i have a phonefull of numbers of people im not sure i still know.

  2. Eyeliner is soothing? That is one of the most interesting things I've ever heard. And I cannot relate, at all.

  3. Not eyeliner per se, but the act of doing something that requires a great deal of precision is very calming to me.

  4. 1. My father "The Dentist" would like for you to create a home instructional video.
    2.Everyone I really know in my cell phone has No last name. If you have a last name, I either owe you money, or you belong to my parents church (delete, delete, delete)
    3.You say eyeliner, I say primping my garden. ( detailed acts to focus... I getcha)
    4. I really like to do ANYTHING by myself... it's hard to find my alone time. Today I had a glorious "walk the dog" in the rain alone ( I never use umbrellas they're for Presidents, Snobs and Weenies)
    5. The "waking up" miles from home and mega thirst concern me greatly. ( gps tracker and camel pack are now on my gift list for you, jeez, I was pleased to give you free floss, now this)

    6. Rain-man, you and I need to go to the casinos. I have NO number sensibilities... but I see faces in everything I look at, tile, leaves, hair, PILES OF CLOTHES... and hangers...
    Long comment, and I gotta go work, thanks for my morning finger riverdance... all spelling mistakes are not mine.. TA TA