01 July 2007

Sunday Sucks

Gabriel spent the hours from 4:00am to 6:30am screaming. My theories involve (a) his cough and runny nose, (b) the fact that yesterday he essentially ate nothing but birthday cake, or (c) he sensed that I had taken a benadryl and was consequently totally incapable of dealing with him, and he was choosing to punish me.

I think being sick in the summertime sucks far, far more than winter illnesses, because having a head cold an a runny nose when it's 95 degrees out? Words cannot describe that misery. Now it's 1:15, Gabriel's nap is well past due, and I certainly can't be bothered with keeping him from taking all of the books off of the shelf.

As a side note Gabriel got himself dressed this morning (after he calmed down a bit) and he's wearing: a diaper, a hooded snap front bathrobe, one of Anami's sandals, and a clip on pearl earring.


  1. sounds like hes going to have fabulous taste when he grows up.....just like his mother! more pictures please! and i need your change of address!!

  2. a clip-on earring? pretty sophisticated.

    for me, what sucks most about being sick in the summertime is that when it's warm and sunny out, i am incapable of staying indoors and in bed until i am well. so the sickness drags on and on.

    poor kid