22 July 2007

Okay but you can't hump me

Here are some preliminary highlights from the weekend. A more in depth post will likely follow.
  • Julia started her single life off with a bang, which in turn lead to two nights of free drinks and either no or reduced covers
  • Unlike Chico, L.A. is actually full of well dressed, good looking men who can dance
  • Wicked is amazing. I will be re-reading the book shortly
  • When picking a karaoke song, make sure you actually know all the words
  • I've converted even more people to my fail-safe pickup line, "So, you wanna make out?"
  • Irreplaceable is a song that will never, ever again leave my brain
  • Making out with someone who has the same name as your father=bad idea
  • The gay men at Sephora can do anything with their makeup
And here is the first installment of pictures, with captions where I feel them necessary:

This is how exciting the drive to L.A. was....

And this is how fast I drove to get there:
Here is the remainder of my black eye (not nearly as bad as it was:

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