02 July 2007

Monday's not a whole lot better, but maybe...

I have a job interview with the University of Phoenix today. I'm constantly applying for so many jobs that I have not even the slightest idea what this job is or how much it pays or anything else. Because apparently, to retain that information inside of my brain would be a crime.

Gabriel's still more or less on hunger strike, but he goes to daycare today and since Brandi's not his mom, he usually eats whatever she offers him. He's still using the potty most every morning when he gets up, which is about 17 different kinds of awesome.

K.Dot was somewhere mysterious this weekend. First he told me he was going to Sac, and then I was talking to him on the phone on Friday and he said I was breaking up because he was driving through the mountains (there are no mountains on the drive through the valley to Sacramento) and then when I was talking to him yesterday he said he thought his flight might be cancelled so he wasn't sure when he would be back (if he flew he would've flown out of Sacramento?). I can't really be too worried about it, but I'll admit I'm curious.

This is what I've decided to do about my car: The bank has already refinanced it, homegirl just forgot to take pictures of it before she wrote me a check for $10,000, so if she wants to take pictures, I'll bring my car in and she can take pictures; she can't unloan me the money and she never asked me about the condition of the car before she gave me the loan. That's her bad and maybe she'll learn something. Is this too shady?

I have Wednesday off for the 4th, and I don't have Sir Gabriel, so who's doing something fun?

My throat's sore, my back's sore and my head aches, and all of these things suck balls.

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  1. well, the car thing, at least, is awesome.

    hooray for something going your way!