10 July 2007

Little Things Happening in My World

I applied to approximately a bazillion new jobs today, including library jobs within Butte County!!!! Wonders never cease.

I did a simply lovely job tidying my living room, and then Gabriel pulled out all of his toys, all of the DVDs, and threw all of his blocks on the floor. I haven't worked up the motivation to fix that just yet.

My pictures are all still leaning up against the wall, not hung up, because when Colin was over last week he rearranged them, so the ones that I actually had up aren't even up any more, but he just put them on the ground where he thought they should go on the wall, and because several are matchy, and I'm not the least bit handy, I really want him to use his obsessively neat freak powers for good instead of evil. So I'm hoping that he's going to come back and hang this shit up evenly on my walls. Please.

The All Star game was on tonight. The National League lost, per usual, and I sort of napped through t he last three innings, because Gabriel was asleep on my chest, and he was all hot and sweaty, and that made me all sweaty, and therefore tired.

It's ninety something degrees here, and horribly overcast, leaving me stuck in the pit of despair as I wallow in the worst of both worlds. Plus I don't like to leave my air on at night because Gabriel sometimes decides that he's cold at 4am and I really, really like it when he sleeps through the night. Plus having the air on constantly makes my nose stuffy, and a stuffy nose in the summer just seems wrong somehow.

Here are my upcoming plans:

On Thursday, I will be leaving for Santa Cruz to have my gums surgically altered, courtesy of my very loving mother, who by the looks of things will have spent more money on me this year than I will earn. I'm gonna be down there until Sunday. My only firm plan is that I have to call Mira. Mira Mira, best friend from high school, who I consistently (yet unintentionally) ditch out on or stand up almost every time I go to Santa Cruz. Which is really pretty shitty of me. But no one ever gave me the Friend of the Year award, so at least it's not a big surprise.

The weekend after that, I will be attending Jules A Palooza v. 2.5, which will involve much driving and potential money spending, but I've never gone to L.A. and regretted it. My plan is to work Friday morning instead of Friday afternoon. I shall inform Satan of my plan tomorrow, but I really think it should be fine.

Then, during the week, I will be co-hosting a Pure Romance party with Angelica. It's at 6:30 on Wednesday July 25th at my house, and if you have a vagina, you are welcome to come, although no kids allowed, sorry.

Then, the following weekend (July 27-29th, for those of you not keeping up with your calendars) I will be taking Gabriel to Lambtown USA. Yes, you read that right. The only way I won't be going is if Lex decided to visit me, and refuses to go, because I do love and miss Alexis.

The first weekend of August I have no plans. I am considering going into a vegetative state for 48-72 hours.

The weekend of August 10-12 I will be going to Maile's wedding/Fiesta in Santa Barbara, CA. I am still searching desperately for a place to crash, because I really don't want to spend $500 on a hotel, so you if you have an available couch, do let me know. I'm trying to rope my neighbor into being my date, because he fits my VERY narrow requirements in that he (a) doesn't smell funky, (b) possesses social skills, and (c) is reasonably good looking. However, he's trying to pussy out on me, saying he might have to have "surgery." Please. Whatever. So that position may still be open. Any possible takers?

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