19 July 2007

It's not like this could possibly gross anybody out

So to recap, I fell asleep Sunday night without my protective retainer plate thing in, woke up Monday morning with two black eyes. Well the roof of my mouth was all swollen as well, so I couldn't put it back in. So for the past three days, everything I ingest, be it smoothie, water, whatever, rubs across the raw, open wound that is my mouth and hurts like a motherfucker. As a result, the two bloody gaping holes from whence the doctor harvested the skin grafts haven't done such a great job of healing over. Actually they've been oozing blood. Dr. Browning said I have to keep wearing the plate for proper healage (do you like that word I just made up? Healage?), but I can't because it doesn't fit properly anymore and having it in hurts more than having it out and living on a diet of white wine. Ouch.


  1. Hi Grace,
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    TWM (see, it would be nice if I had that as a link dontchathink?)
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