18 July 2007

Conversations that I am tired of having, Part I

"When you fill out these forms, it's really important that you remember this part here. See on this one, it was left blank."

"I didn't fill that out. You filled that out. See there? Those are your initials. In your handwriting. You did that."

"Well I'm just saying it's important that you know how this is done."

"I do know how it's done. Thanks."


"Dr. A------'s office, this is Jennifer."

"You're not Sarah."

"No, I'm not."

"Who's the other gal there?"


"Well that's not Sarah."

"No, it's not."


"I talked to you this morning and you told me that you would fill my prescription today."

"You didn't talk to me, I just got here 10 minutes ago."

"I don't care, I talked to you, I recognize your voice."

"You spoke with Danielle, but I'll be happy to try and help you."

"Why are you lying? Is it because you didn't follow through? I talked to you this morning."


"Jennifer, this letter is addressed to the wrong person. I thought I explained to you that when you write these letters, they have to be addressed to the referring doctor."

"I know. Danielle wrote that."

"Next time you write one of these letters, make sure it's properly addressed."

"I know. I do."

"Well then why is this one incorrect?"

"Because I didn't write it."


"Okay I called this pharmacy, but I'm waiting on a call back, so the information is all right here if you need it. My notes are attached."

"Jennifer, this is something that you started, so you should really follow through on it."

"Yes, and if the pharmacy calls back in the next ten minutes, I'll be happy to. But I'm leaving at one, and the patient needs this medication by the end of the day, so in the extremely likely scenario where I'm not here when they call back, you are going to need to take care of it, so I'm telling you what the status is and where the paperwork can be found."


"I need to miss next Friday to get my stitches out and have my grafts checked. I already cleared it with Dr. A-------, and the office is closed to patients that day, so you should be fine."

"You just missed last Friday."

"Yes. To have surgery. And I'm missing next Friday to follow up on that surgery."

"I don't know if Dr. A------ will be okay with you missing work, you're going to have to clear it with him."

"Yes. I did. Clear it with Dr. A------. He said it was fine. We don't have patients on that day. I'm just letting you know that I won't be here. It's on the schedule."

"But didn't you just miss last Friday?"

"Yes. I did. That was also cleared with Dr. A------."

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