05 July 2007

The Anti-Diet

If you've had a chance to interact with my child *any* time in the last 17ish months, you know that he is extremely picky. Most days he doesn't like to eat at all, because food? Food is a horrible horrible punishment and eating it? Well eating would be like lying down on a bed of scorpions. This started with a generalized refusal to nurse, and has expanded and developed into my anorexic toddler. Hovering around the 15th percentile for weight, my son lives his life with every adult around him trying desperately to coax him into eating. Anything at all. So what does this mean? It means, naturally, that Gabriel does not eat. So a balanced diet? Out of the question. And I've more or less accepted this, because not accepting it would do me absolutely no good at all. But I just have to say that it really pisses me off when people, be they friends or well meaning parents or healthcare professionals or WHATEVER, tell me that all I need to do is offer my son a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, and that's all he'll want to eat, and I just have to say, No. No that's not true at all. I didn't wake up one day thinking "Well gosh, I bet a diet of cheese puffs and milk is really really good for you!" Gabriel has about five foods he will eat, plus fruit. Vegetables? No. Meat? No. Whole grains? Definitely not. And it's not because his first food was McDonald's french fries. And anyways, he's so skinny I'm supposed to put butter on everything he eats ANYWAYS, so who cares if he's eating fried potatoes and tortilla chips? He was born this way, "particular." But he's perfect anyways.

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  1. Nick and Daisy are doctors and they've finally given up on whole grains and vegetables altogether. And they actually don't mind that the 5 year old has ONLY gotten protein through chicken nuggets for the past four years. They used to- but then they realized that eating junk is actually better than not eating- which is a very very real situation. And they actually count themselves lucky because all three of their kids will eat fruit. So I think you have the right attitude and know that at some point he WILL eat veggies and fish, but if that doesn't happen until after college? It's not actually your fault. At all.