07 July 2007

Another night living in Melrose Place

Last night I had Sheena over for some drinks, which was very nice, and I think the first time I've had her over to hang out. We were downstairs drinking with Angelica when Rosa and Michael got home and joined us. Then Matt got back from fishing and came over. Then Colin came home, but decided to have a party inside of his house excluding his neighbors. We saw Luke and Mike briefly. Then it turned out Colin's driver's license is expired (ironic because he drives for a living) and he came over to hang out too. Sheena was jealous of my effortlessly built in social life. I don't have to do anything at all, and I get to hang out. And I just have to say that my apartment complex? It's like the dorms or something, only I don't have to worry about my roommate having sex. And I have a kitchen. And I think that's pretty great.

I keep my thermostat set at 80 degrees, and it's been on around the clock since the fourth. It's not that I'm surprised that Chico is hot, it's just that somehow, I'm never ready to hear that it's 103 in the shade. Yesterday I met Jayme for a walk in the park at 830. I got there early (at around 8) and it was already ALMOST TOO HOT TO SWIM. At eight. In the morning. It was already 90. And the unseasonable humidity is what's really killing me. Now I can't even count on the optimistic "At least it's a dry heat" from Chico natives. I know that I've been spoiled by mild coastal weather my whole life, but I swear I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that today looks to be another warm day in hell.

Gabriel's with his dad today, although apparently K.Dot no longer has a car, so I'm curious to hear how all of that goes. And this is what I have to say about my "baby's daddy": at least he's making me feel like a moderately successful human being by comparison. That's nice for my self esteem.

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