31 July 2007

Hatred of my job is pulsing through my veins

And I still haven't heard back from any of my interviews. It's giving me heartburn. But I'm trying this new thing where I try to have a positive attitude. Maybe I can turn myself into a "highly motivated self starter." In the mean time, I'm trying to keep myself from sticking my head in the oven.

28 July 2007

Oh fooey

Lexy nixed LambtownUSA, which makes me feel dead inside. BUT my mom bought me two of the hottest dresses EVER, and we went out last night and had fun fun fun. And Gabeys slept till 9, which for Gabriel, is excellent.

25 July 2007

Conversations I'm tired of having, Part II

Jennifer, these faxes weren't initialed, so I just want to make sure that you know to stamp and initial them after you send them.

Yeah, I know.

Well I was just checking because these ones aren't initialed.

Well you sent those, so maybe you should initial them.


Jennifer, this is not my patient, why is he on my schedule?

I don't know, Danielle schedules the rechecks so I'm not sure how it happened. Do you want me to move him onto Les's schedule?

Jennifer, you're not answering my question, why is he on my schedule in the first place?

I don't know, because I didn't schedule him. I'd imagine it was an honest mistake on Danielle's part, but I'm guessing.

Jennifer, you need to take responsibility for your actions.



You've been paying me for 20 hours a week for the past 3 weeks, and I work 25.

Well, you're salaried.

When I was hired, I was told that the position paid $XX/Hour, and my paychecks reflect 20 hours per week at that rate. If I'm salaried, I expect my salary to reflect how much I'm working. Otherwise I can just work less.

Well we need you 25 hours per week, I thought I made that clear.

Do you know that legally, an employee can only be salaried if they are both full-time and working in a supervisory position? Because I'm neither.

I need to see my patients.

24 July 2007

More Julesy Pictures

You can compare our versions of the weekend here, although I stole all of my pictures from her, because I don't have a camera that's not my phone.
Do you think Julia remembers this picture?

Oh yeah, alcohol DEFINITELY makes me hotter

If I close one eye, maybe I can focus?

I was trying to give her a kiss, but I think I fell...

I rocked

They liked me. They really liked me. But they have to interview 6 more people before I find out if I got the job.

Sex party tomorrow. 6:30pm.

22 July 2007

More photos from the weekend

At the karaoke bar, almost drunk enough to sing:

I'm trying so hard to keep from blinking, it's not even funny:

This is a song about a girl named Lucky:

Okay but you can't hump me

Here are some preliminary highlights from the weekend. A more in depth post will likely follow.
  • Julia started her single life off with a bang, which in turn lead to two nights of free drinks and either no or reduced covers
  • Unlike Chico, L.A. is actually full of well dressed, good looking men who can dance
  • Wicked is amazing. I will be re-reading the book shortly
  • When picking a karaoke song, make sure you actually know all the words
  • I've converted even more people to my fail-safe pickup line, "So, you wanna make out?"
  • Irreplaceable is a song that will never, ever again leave my brain
  • Making out with someone who has the same name as your father=bad idea
  • The gay men at Sephora can do anything with their makeup
And here is the first installment of pictures, with captions where I feel them necessary:

This is how exciting the drive to L.A. was....

And this is how fast I drove to get there:
Here is the remainder of my black eye (not nearly as bad as it was:

19 July 2007

It's not like this could possibly gross anybody out

So to recap, I fell asleep Sunday night without my protective retainer plate thing in, woke up Monday morning with two black eyes. Well the roof of my mouth was all swollen as well, so I couldn't put it back in. So for the past three days, everything I ingest, be it smoothie, water, whatever, rubs across the raw, open wound that is my mouth and hurts like a motherfucker. As a result, the two bloody gaping holes from whence the doctor harvested the skin grafts haven't done such a great job of healing over. Actually they've been oozing blood. Dr. Browning said I have to keep wearing the plate for proper healage (do you like that word I just made up? Healage?), but I can't because it doesn't fit properly anymore and having it in hurts more than having it out and living on a diet of white wine. Ouch.

18 July 2007

The glasses hide my black eyes...

And when I say that I don't have a forehead, I have a fivehead, I want you to understand precisely what I mean.

My cousin Lisa has Pleurisy.

Conversations that I am tired of having, Part I

"When you fill out these forms, it's really important that you remember this part here. See on this one, it was left blank."

"I didn't fill that out. You filled that out. See there? Those are your initials. In your handwriting. You did that."

"Well I'm just saying it's important that you know how this is done."

"I do know how it's done. Thanks."


"Dr. A------'s office, this is Jennifer."

"You're not Sarah."

"No, I'm not."

"Who's the other gal there?"


"Well that's not Sarah."

"No, it's not."


"I talked to you this morning and you told me that you would fill my prescription today."

"You didn't talk to me, I just got here 10 minutes ago."

"I don't care, I talked to you, I recognize your voice."

"You spoke with Danielle, but I'll be happy to try and help you."

"Why are you lying? Is it because you didn't follow through? I talked to you this morning."


"Jennifer, this letter is addressed to the wrong person. I thought I explained to you that when you write these letters, they have to be addressed to the referring doctor."

"I know. Danielle wrote that."

"Next time you write one of these letters, make sure it's properly addressed."

"I know. I do."

"Well then why is this one incorrect?"

"Because I didn't write it."


"Okay I called this pharmacy, but I'm waiting on a call back, so the information is all right here if you need it. My notes are attached."

"Jennifer, this is something that you started, so you should really follow through on it."

"Yes, and if the pharmacy calls back in the next ten minutes, I'll be happy to. But I'm leaving at one, and the patient needs this medication by the end of the day, so in the extremely likely scenario where I'm not here when they call back, you are going to need to take care of it, so I'm telling you what the status is and where the paperwork can be found."


"I need to miss next Friday to get my stitches out and have my grafts checked. I already cleared it with Dr. A-------, and the office is closed to patients that day, so you should be fine."

"You just missed last Friday."

"Yes. To have surgery. And I'm missing next Friday to follow up on that surgery."

"I don't know if Dr. A------ will be okay with you missing work, you're going to have to clear it with him."

"Yes. I did. Clear it with Dr. A------. He said it was fine. We don't have patients on that day. I'm just letting you know that I won't be here. It's on the schedule."

"But didn't you just miss last Friday?"

"Yes. I did. That was also cleared with Dr. A------."

17 July 2007

Suddenly I am gaspingly busy

So I'm staying up far past my bedtime, but I'm an exhibitionist, and compelled to share my life with the world. Or at least the online world. Or at least the online world of people who like to visit my blog.

Today Gabriel and I were accidentally matchy matchy. We were both in wife beaters and jeans. Although I hate the term wife beater when referring to an article of clothing, when I call them A-Shirts, no one knows what the hell I'm talking about, so I submit.

Now that I know that Danielle gets paid less than me, I hate her less.

I went to coffee with Mira on Saturday, which was glorious because (a) I did not flake out on her, (b) I actually really REALLY like Mira there's a reason she was my best friend in highschool and (c) not ditching out on her made me feel like less of a loser AND segued into my continuing dive bar tour with my sister. Laura and I explored the Rush Inn, which is dangerous because it's my great uncle Russell's bar. According to the bartender, we missed him by about ten minutes. Then we went to Callahan's. Fritz was there, but he was too drunk to recognize us, and this time we wisely chose NOT to make eye contact. I was sort of fucked up on pain pills so the night was extra fun.

Speaking of pain pills, when my mom picked me up from my surgery on Friday, we stayed downtown for a couple hours, and my face was seriously hurting. So she bought me a margarita. What a good mother.

She also gave me money to buy Simon the COOLEST TOY EVER because his birthday's coming up.

My grandma sent me a check as a graduation present, which means that this is one more month that I pay my bills. Which gives me ever so slightly more wiggle room in finding a better job. I think that I want to get a job at Trader Joe's. I'm gonna go by tomorrow.

My black eyes are fading and my face is a little less swollen, but I still look like an abuse victim.


I got tagged by flamingo house. I'm going to try to think of things that I haven't already divulged to the world, so this might be tough....
  1. Every morning and night this is my toothbrushing routine: I rinse with Listerine. I floss. I brush my teeth with a Sonicare toothbrush and toothpaste for two minutes. I use a tongue scraper thingie. I brush my teeth with a manual toothbrush and no toothpaste. I rinse with this hippie mouth wash (Oral Health Tonic). I use the tongue scraper thingie again. I drink a glass of water. Would you like some pie with your obsessive compulsive disorder?
  2. Everybody in my cell phone has a last name. If I get your phone number, and I don't know your last name, I'll leave you in there for a couple weeks, but if I still don't know your last name I just delete you. Because if I don't know you're last name, you're not that important.
  3. When I'm really stressed out/sad/angry/whatever, I find putting on makeup to be incredibly soothing, particularly eyeliner.
  4. One of my top ten favorite activities is walking/riding my bike by myself. I have such an active daydreaming life that I am entirely capable of walking for an hour completely absorbed and "waking up" with no idea where I am miles from home.
  5. I have constant and unslakeable thirst. I drink at least 15 glasses of water a day, if not more.
  6. I count stairs. When I'm walking up or down, I compulsively count them as I go.
  7. On the subject of compulsions, I am constantly playing word games in my head. Like when I'm driving, I try to make words out of the three letter combination in the license plate. Or I try to find the alphabet in passing street signs. Or I try to rearrange people's names into words.
  8. And since it's becoming ever more obvious that I suffer from something bordering on "disorder" I'll throw this one in: I can't look at the time on a digital clock without going through all the possible math combinations. Example: it is currently 10:06. Well 10 plus 6 is 16. 10 minus 6 is 4. 1 plus 0 plus 0 plus 6 is 7. 10 times 6 is 60. 10:06 isn't very fun because of the zeros, and on account of there's not many dividing or multiplying possibilities.
And I tag:
  1. Emma!
  2. The Mistress of Dorkness
  3. Jewelsy
  4. Keiffykins
  5. That Hot Blonde Friend of Mine
  6. Phoenix's Newest Babe
  7. Amers
  8. This Boy
Participate, or you are lame

16 July 2007

I woke up this morning with a black eye

And I had a job interview. And it's really really hard to explain a lisp and a black eye without sounding like you're just making excuses. Oh that? Yeah, I had surgery on my mouth, so it looks like I got kicked in the face, but I'm really not in a abusive relationship, I swear!

15 July 2007

We're not driving, so it's okay that he's not properly strapped in

At least my mom bought me a margarita

My face is swollen up to the size of a water balloon; to the point that I have no lines around my mouth. I have two raw, bloody wounds on the roof of my mouth, being protected by a sort of retainer. With the retainer in, I lisp and have trouble speaking. With the retainer out, I bleed somewhat continuously. I have about 15 blue stitches in my gums resembling some kind of decay; you can see them whenever I talk or smile. I am not allowed to brush my teeth for a week. Ladies and gentlemen, I am hot.

10 July 2007

Little Things Happening in My World

I applied to approximately a bazillion new jobs today, including library jobs within Butte County!!!! Wonders never cease.

I did a simply lovely job tidying my living room, and then Gabriel pulled out all of his toys, all of the DVDs, and threw all of his blocks on the floor. I haven't worked up the motivation to fix that just yet.

My pictures are all still leaning up against the wall, not hung up, because when Colin was over last week he rearranged them, so the ones that I actually had up aren't even up any more, but he just put them on the ground where he thought they should go on the wall, and because several are matchy, and I'm not the least bit handy, I really want him to use his obsessively neat freak powers for good instead of evil. So I'm hoping that he's going to come back and hang this shit up evenly on my walls. Please.

The All Star game was on tonight. The National League lost, per usual, and I sort of napped through t he last three innings, because Gabriel was asleep on my chest, and he was all hot and sweaty, and that made me all sweaty, and therefore tired.

It's ninety something degrees here, and horribly overcast, leaving me stuck in the pit of despair as I wallow in the worst of both worlds. Plus I don't like to leave my air on at night because Gabriel sometimes decides that he's cold at 4am and I really, really like it when he sleeps through the night. Plus having the air on constantly makes my nose stuffy, and a stuffy nose in the summer just seems wrong somehow.

Here are my upcoming plans:

On Thursday, I will be leaving for Santa Cruz to have my gums surgically altered, courtesy of my very loving mother, who by the looks of things will have spent more money on me this year than I will earn. I'm gonna be down there until Sunday. My only firm plan is that I have to call Mira. Mira Mira, best friend from high school, who I consistently (yet unintentionally) ditch out on or stand up almost every time I go to Santa Cruz. Which is really pretty shitty of me. But no one ever gave me the Friend of the Year award, so at least it's not a big surprise.

The weekend after that, I will be attending Jules A Palooza v. 2.5, which will involve much driving and potential money spending, but I've never gone to L.A. and regretted it. My plan is to work Friday morning instead of Friday afternoon. I shall inform Satan of my plan tomorrow, but I really think it should be fine.

Then, during the week, I will be co-hosting a Pure Romance party with Angelica. It's at 6:30 on Wednesday July 25th at my house, and if you have a vagina, you are welcome to come, although no kids allowed, sorry.

Then, the following weekend (July 27-29th, for those of you not keeping up with your calendars) I will be taking Gabriel to Lambtown USA. Yes, you read that right. The only way I won't be going is if Lex decided to visit me, and refuses to go, because I do love and miss Alexis.

The first weekend of August I have no plans. I am considering going into a vegetative state for 48-72 hours.

The weekend of August 10-12 I will be going to Maile's wedding/Fiesta in Santa Barbara, CA. I am still searching desperately for a place to crash, because I really don't want to spend $500 on a hotel, so you if you have an available couch, do let me know. I'm trying to rope my neighbor into being my date, because he fits my VERY narrow requirements in that he (a) doesn't smell funky, (b) possesses social skills, and (c) is reasonably good looking. However, he's trying to pussy out on me, saying he might have to have "surgery." Please. Whatever. So that position may still be open. Any possible takers?

08 July 2007

You know you've had something to drink when...

You're eating tortilla chips dipped in peanut butter and they are delicious. I went out with Darci tonight, which was wicked awesome, although I wish we were still out and, well, we're not. Also Darci doesn't like to dance, one of my favorite going out activities. The gossip is fun, but that can happen anywhere. Shaking my ass? That's a club-only activity. I've decided that Darci and I are in a lot of ways the same person in two bodies, and the surprising thing about that is I usually hate people like me, and I love Miss Darci. Even weirder is the friends I have who are just like me, and how none of them have anything in common. Darci, Julia, Molly, at one point Paris, how can I have so much in common with these people and they have nothing in common with each other?

07 July 2007

Another night living in Melrose Place

Last night I had Sheena over for some drinks, which was very nice, and I think the first time I've had her over to hang out. We were downstairs drinking with Angelica when Rosa and Michael got home and joined us. Then Matt got back from fishing and came over. Then Colin came home, but decided to have a party inside of his house excluding his neighbors. We saw Luke and Mike briefly. Then it turned out Colin's driver's license is expired (ironic because he drives for a living) and he came over to hang out too. Sheena was jealous of my effortlessly built in social life. I don't have to do anything at all, and I get to hang out. And I just have to say that my apartment complex? It's like the dorms or something, only I don't have to worry about my roommate having sex. And I have a kitchen. And I think that's pretty great.

I keep my thermostat set at 80 degrees, and it's been on around the clock since the fourth. It's not that I'm surprised that Chico is hot, it's just that somehow, I'm never ready to hear that it's 103 in the shade. Yesterday I met Jayme for a walk in the park at 830. I got there early (at around 8) and it was already ALMOST TOO HOT TO SWIM. At eight. In the morning. It was already 90. And the unseasonable humidity is what's really killing me. Now I can't even count on the optimistic "At least it's a dry heat" from Chico natives. I know that I've been spoiled by mild coastal weather my whole life, but I swear I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that today looks to be another warm day in hell.

Gabriel's with his dad today, although apparently K.Dot no longer has a car, so I'm curious to hear how all of that goes. And this is what I have to say about my "baby's daddy": at least he's making me feel like a moderately successful human being by comparison. That's nice for my self esteem.

05 July 2007

I Hate

  • My job
  • Danielle
  • The fact that I wake up at 4am EVERY MORNING NO MATTER WHAT and then have to fight to go back to sleep
  • Car insurance
  • Cars, in general for that matter
  • Boyfriends, as an entire category
  • That stupid show that's on between the Simpsons and the Family Guy that's really terrible but you end up watching it anyways because it's in between two shows that you already watch
  • Clingy. People.
  • Being late
  • Waiting for people
  • Hangovers
  • Doing dishes
  • Bug bites
  • Finding a sippy cup of milk from last week under my bed
  • When it's 84 degrees out at 7 o'clock in the morning
  • Bills
  • Stretch marks
  • Brushing Gabriel's teeth
  • Sunburns
  • Goggles
  • Shorts
  • Shaving
  • Cleaning hair out of the shower drain
  • Getting locked out
  • Shopping malls
  • Warm beer
  • Mushy bananas
  • Batteries
  • Driving
  • Getting directions from people who don't know street names
  • Stupidity
  • Answering the telephone

The Anti-Diet

If you've had a chance to interact with my child *any* time in the last 17ish months, you know that he is extremely picky. Most days he doesn't like to eat at all, because food? Food is a horrible horrible punishment and eating it? Well eating would be like lying down on a bed of scorpions. This started with a generalized refusal to nurse, and has expanded and developed into my anorexic toddler. Hovering around the 15th percentile for weight, my son lives his life with every adult around him trying desperately to coax him into eating. Anything at all. So what does this mean? It means, naturally, that Gabriel does not eat. So a balanced diet? Out of the question. And I've more or less accepted this, because not accepting it would do me absolutely no good at all. But I just have to say that it really pisses me off when people, be they friends or well meaning parents or healthcare professionals or WHATEVER, tell me that all I need to do is offer my son a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, and that's all he'll want to eat, and I just have to say, No. No that's not true at all. I didn't wake up one day thinking "Well gosh, I bet a diet of cheese puffs and milk is really really good for you!" Gabriel has about five foods he will eat, plus fruit. Vegetables? No. Meat? No. Whole grains? Definitely not. And it's not because his first food was McDonald's french fries. And anyways, he's so skinny I'm supposed to put butter on everything he eats ANYWAYS, so who cares if he's eating fried potatoes and tortilla chips? He was born this way, "particular." But he's perfect anyways.

04 July 2007

It's a good thing I'm so patriotic

The Mystery Continues

Apparently K.Dot is moving to the Bay Area. Or to Sacramento. He is refusing to be very clear on the details. Including those details such as, "What are you going to do about Gabriel?" SO. Just a thought, but I think that moving two to three hours away is going to affect his custody. Another thought: my name is still on the lease at our old house, please don't fuck me over. Oh wait, you probably will.

03 July 2007

Classy Things I've Done, in No Particular Order

  1. Bought wine with cash aid
  2. Written "I hate Jenny" in the dust of my uncle's car in order to get my sister in trouble
  3. Poured an entire bottle of nail polish into my sister's underwear drawer
  4. Cut up my sister's money with scissors and sprinkled it on her bed
  5. Read my sister's diary
  6. Dumped lotion and perfume on the floor in front of my sister's door
  7. Called 9-1-1 for a taxi
  8. Exed people out of my life without ever talking to them or telling them why
  9. Broke up with Prav in an e-mail
  10. Told Julia I was pregnant in an e-mail
  11. Flirted with Catalyst bouncers *shudder*
  12. Rifled through my grandmother's things
  13. Told Ben's crazy girlfriend that he cheated on her just because I was mad at him (it was true, but still)
  14. Slept with somebody to make myself feel better
  15. Said really mean things about somebody behind their back, (true things, but that doesn't matter)
  16. Made K tell my mom I was pregnant
  17. Lived in a Motel6
  18. Lied to my bosses about K living with me in Santa Barbara
  19. Competed with a friend for the same thing/person/whatever just so I could win
  20. Cheated at Monopoly
  21. Stuck gum to the underside of a table
  22. Drank, no. Slurped beer off of the floor of a tent borrowed from the UCSB dorms for $1
  23. Told someone that she looked cute in something that she actually looked awful in, for the secret joy of having her look awful in public
  24. Gotten people into shows at the Catalyst just because I wanted to seem cool
  25. Gotten mad at Gabriel because of something that wasn't really his fault
  26. Called in sick when I wasn't sick at all
  27. Lied about my hours

02 July 2007

Now that I've had the day to evaluate, it was much worse

I. Hate. My. Job. Not the job itself per se, the job is something that I can totally live with. What I hate is having a person perhaps as intelligent as a very clever chimpanzee speaking to me as if I am a child, explaining things to me that (a) she messed up, (b) I initially explained to her or (c) aren't correct, and flirting vomitously with our extremely unsexy boss. Today she told me not to mention her name in a phone call because the office needed to present itself as a united front. Well. She fucked up royally, and the patient asked me whom he had spoken to. Was I supposed to refuse to answer? "I can't tell you because we're supposed to present a united front." Riiiight, that'll go over great in a psychiatric practice wherein most of our patients are completely paranoid ALREADY. I have never, NEVER not in all of my years of working and strange jobs and jobs that suck and bosses that suck and whatever, NEVER had a job that I hated this much, and all because of this one person, because working next to her all day, listening to her constant, blathering monologue, is worse than having an earwig bore into my brain. I spent a good 15 minutes today fantasizing about what I'll say when I give my two weeks notice. "I don't think I'm a good fit for this office. I don't want to talk to my coworkers about their rectal bleeding." Or maybe, "I don't think my personality meshes very well here. I'm literate."

Anyways I had a job interview today, and I'm HOPING HOPING that something comes of it, it'll be a month at least before I hear though, which, sucks. Oh, and what sucks even more?

Monday. Monday is one of K's TWO days that he has Gabriel. I get a text message at 535 saying, "My flight's delayed, I'm not going to pick up Gabriel."


I Love

  • buttered toast
  • David Sedaris
  • tea
  • naps
  • ironing
  • listening to music in the dark
  • curling up in a cozy chair with a book when it's raining outside
  • Santa Cruz
  • going for walks by myself
  • water (drinking it, swimming in it, playing in the rain, etc)
  • down comforters
  • bubble baths
  • house plants
  • shopping for housewares
  • smoothies
  • thrift stores
  • book stores
  • drive-in theaters
  • Giants' games
  • dancing
  • popsicles
  • care packages
  • mixed cds
  • prezzies (both giving and receiving)
  • mangos
  • when I visit my parents and my mom cooks me dinner and watches my baby while I take a bath by myself
  • craft projects
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • pedicures
  • dusting furniture
  • alphabetizing/organizing
  • parties
  • swingsets
  • Emmylou Harris
  • My boys (Gabriel, Simon, Elliot, Daniel, James, Caleb, Elijah, Duncan)
  • KPIG
  • The smell of chlorine
  • This American Life
  • berry picking
  • books
  • shoes
  • thunder storms
Edited to add:
  • SEX! I can't believe I made a list of things that I love and I failed to include s-e-x.

Monday's not a whole lot better, but maybe...

I have a job interview with the University of Phoenix today. I'm constantly applying for so many jobs that I have not even the slightest idea what this job is or how much it pays or anything else. Because apparently, to retain that information inside of my brain would be a crime.

Gabriel's still more or less on hunger strike, but he goes to daycare today and since Brandi's not his mom, he usually eats whatever she offers him. He's still using the potty most every morning when he gets up, which is about 17 different kinds of awesome.

K.Dot was somewhere mysterious this weekend. First he told me he was going to Sac, and then I was talking to him on the phone on Friday and he said I was breaking up because he was driving through the mountains (there are no mountains on the drive through the valley to Sacramento) and then when I was talking to him yesterday he said he thought his flight might be cancelled so he wasn't sure when he would be back (if he flew he would've flown out of Sacramento?). I can't really be too worried about it, but I'll admit I'm curious.

This is what I've decided to do about my car: The bank has already refinanced it, homegirl just forgot to take pictures of it before she wrote me a check for $10,000, so if she wants to take pictures, I'll bring my car in and she can take pictures; she can't unloan me the money and she never asked me about the condition of the car before she gave me the loan. That's her bad and maybe she'll learn something. Is this too shady?

I have Wednesday off for the 4th, and I don't have Sir Gabriel, so who's doing something fun?

My throat's sore, my back's sore and my head aches, and all of these things suck balls.

01 July 2007

Sunday Sucks

Gabriel spent the hours from 4:00am to 6:30am screaming. My theories involve (a) his cough and runny nose, (b) the fact that yesterday he essentially ate nothing but birthday cake, or (c) he sensed that I had taken a benadryl and was consequently totally incapable of dealing with him, and he was choosing to punish me.

I think being sick in the summertime sucks far, far more than winter illnesses, because having a head cold an a runny nose when it's 95 degrees out? Words cannot describe that misery. Now it's 1:15, Gabriel's nap is well past due, and I certainly can't be bothered with keeping him from taking all of the books off of the shelf.

As a side note Gabriel got himself dressed this morning (after he calmed down a bit) and he's wearing: a diaper, a hooded snap front bathrobe, one of Anami's sandals, and a clip on pearl earring.