10 June 2007

Weekend Update

Since I spent Friday night vomiting up my internal organs, on Saturday I decided that the best possible course of action was, yes definitely, to go out with Stella, which hasn't once been a bad idea. Not even the time we were half naked in a hot tub and a Mexican dwarf called us gorditas.
Since this was one of those rare occasions that I actually had alcohol at my house, and since Angelica, Stella and I were hanging out before we actually went downtown, I was completely wasted by the time we got there, which in a way was good, because it saved me a lot of money, right?
But it didn't keep me from going to an after party hosted by some guy whose pupils were dilated to the size of dinner plates. And it didn't keep me from meeting a guy who introduced himself to me as "Watts." Like the Watts Riots? "Yeah, like that." Then I took out my grill so we could make out.


  1. hey, whats a grill? and why do you have to take it out to make out wiv someone?

  2. BWAHAHA! HA! Just went archive-diving and found this post and OH YES, HAHAHAHAHAHA I smush you!