18 June 2007

Slightly Stoopid Update

Friday Gabe and I went down to Davis because Duncan (finally) graduated, and he was having a big bbq. The boys to girls ratio in my family really is sort of freaky. There were probably 30 people there, and the only girls were myself, Rebecca (aunt), my mom, Laura, my cousin Shannon and Duncan's girlfriend Kate. Although some girlfriend people stopped by briefly, allow me to describe: One was wearing a Victoria's Secret baseball hat, and the other, who is a member of a premed sorority, had styled her sunglasses into her hair. They. Did not fit in.

I mostly spent this weekend hanging out with the babe. Stella was having a housewarming/momsandbabies pool party, but some guy and his two friends crashed it, so it ended up not being that cool. I probably would have no problem hanging out with these people and having a good time if I was out at the bars or something, but when my kid is around I am really not cool with weed smoking and thugged out men. So I had to cut out early.

Right now I'm doing Colin's laundry, because I getta do mine at his house and not pay to use our roach-infested laundry room, so I think it's a win-win situation!

And I cleaned my car out.

I know this post was kind of boring, but I'm feeling braindead and incapable this morning and just wanted to provide a quickie update.


  1. my love, i ADORE your updates, no matter how dull and "stoopid" congrats on having an intelligent brother.....and a clean car.

  2. i would pay you for a photo of sunglass-hair girl. how does that ever work?!