25 June 2007

Part Deux

I hung out downtown and at the beach with my mom and nephews, I drove up to SF to hang out, and then down to Mountain View for more of the same, then I stayed up until around 5am, slept till 9ish Saturday morning, then had to take a nap before I headed back to Santa Cruz for my big Laura Adventure.

Here are the details:
I got up RIDICULOUSLY early, because I needed new brakes and tires and I didn't have an appointment at Lloyd's, so I was banking on my mom's blank check and my own stunning good looks. Both worked, and I left my car there to walk downtown, which involves walking past the labor line at San Lorenzo Lumber, which, if you are unfortunate enough to have a vagina, is one of the worst experiences ever. I walked downtown, my mom wasn't there yet, so I walked over to my dentist appointment (coincidentally next to the bar I would discover the following night). I got the grave verdict on the state of my teeth, then walked BACK downtown, and my mom was there, babysitting the wee ones. We did a little shopping, went to the bagelry, and then I went to pick up my car. From Lloyd's I went to the Aptos Library to check the internet. Because my mom didn't pay any bills at all for three months, and our phone and internet were disconnected. Because my mom is a winner. Wonder where I got it from? Anyhow, I had to go to the Aptos Library because I used to work at the Santa Cruz Library and did not exactly leave on great terms (pregnant and kicked out of my parents house, calling from a hotel in Chico) and I'm trying to wait until all of my bosses die before I go back there. The Aptos Library is still safe. Who is in front of the Aptos Library? My uncle Randy. But he refuses to look at me or make eye contact with me, so I go in and go about my business before heading to the beach, where I meet my mom, nephews, aunt, cousins, and brothers. Randy hasn't seen me in about 4 years, so they think he just didn't recognize me. Well excuse me but I haven't seen him in about 4 years and I was like, That's my uncle Randy. Whatever. I got sunburned and sandy and then drove to SF, where I hung out with.............JOSHUA! This was great fun and good times indeed, and it would have been a lot more fun I think if I had stuck around to get blitzed and crash on his couch, but I did something even better, I went down to Mountain View for Keiffy. Keith has a hot tub, and ducks, and we watched V for Vendetta, which is an awesome movie, and I stayed up entirely too late, and he took me to breakfast, and also for a danish, because, apparently, breakfast was just not enough.

So I had a good weekend, you?


  1. So what is the state of your teeth? Because I have not been to the dentist in a good 5 years, and I can actually SEE at least one cavity, which terrifies me to the point of postponing a dentist visit further. However, Danny says that once we're married and I have his all-encompassing health insurance that I have to go to the dentist. So yeah- I'm just curious.

  2. Well I have genetically terrible teeth thanks to my father, wherein every time I go to the dentist I have to get AT LEAST one cavity. However most recently, I have receded gums, as a part of me having tmj, as a part of me apparently grinding my teeth in my sleep or clenching my jaw or something (the main manifestation of the fact that my life actually is stressful). So I have to get gum grafts, for a sweet $4000.