18 June 2007

On Losing the Human Race

I don't think I'm being a snot when I say that I am a reasonably intelligent and reasonably good looking person without any secret daddy issues. I should not be a loser. And yet. As my sister prepares to start nursing school, and my brother gets ready to apply for medical school, I am getting ready to fill out my welfare paperwork. I realize that some of this is beyond my control. The 2007 economy sucks balls, especially for someone re-entering the workforce. Butte County sucks especially so. But I have to allow that A LOT of the problem lies in the fact that I am the laziest. person. alive. I literally lack the words to describe the complete and utter absence of ambition/motivation in my life. Yeah, I want to be successful, but only in the sense that I don't like owing people money and I want my kid(s?) to be able to go to college. As far as a career? I can honestly tell you that I would be perfectly delighted to stay home, raise my children, attend PTA meetings, and tend a garden. I like doing laundry. I wouldn't get bored. I didn't get bored, this last 16 months. And I blame feminism for the fact that I'm stuck looking like a jackass for not wanting to go back to work full time when my son is still in diapers. Now mind, I WANT other people to be able to work to their hearts' content. But shouldn't a family with one parent in the home be an option too? No. Because feminism, ladies and gentlemen, changed the societal status quo in such a way that the only way to get by in this day and age is with a two-income family, and since I'm doubly screwed by being a single mom, I'm left paying somebody else to raise my kids when I would much rather do it myself and do it right.
This is just one of the reasons that I was born in the WRONG era. For one thing, if I had been born anywhere in past several hundred years up until my generation, being pale and blonde and round was a feminine ideal of beauty. And for another thing, I don't want to go to the office for nine hours a day and wear a power suit. I don't even want to own a power suit.

In other news, Gabriel is using his potty sometimes. And considering the fact that he's only 17 months old, I think that sometimes is ABSOLUTELY GREAT. Especially since his main thing is pooping in the potty, and the fewer poopy diapers I have to deal with, the better.

This weekend is a Santa Cruz/SF/Bay Area weekend, and I'm pretty excited about seeing a few people I have not seen for a long. ass. time.


  1. you wouldnt believe how much i am with you on this subject.

    Personally i think id be better off in 1950's america or part of the british aristocracy during colonial times.

  2. yknow, portland is ever so affordable. plus, no sales tax in oregon.

    just sayin.