08 June 2007

Hell in a hand basket

Yesterday, I spent at least 25% of my grueling five hour day in a "staff meeting." Believe me, the quotes are necessary. There are four people in our office. We sit around and eat for an hour. And I get paid. Is this a nice situation? Well it sure would be if I didn't work with fools.
I had to spend no less than an hour of my life listening to them talk about the specifics of how and when they had accepted Jesus into their lives. No joke. It was like I was at vacation bible school, and here I was, trying to figure out how to break it to them that no, I do not think that Jesus Christ is my personal lord and savior. In the end I just got up for a glass of water, and no, no I did not manage to turn it into wine to serve the masses. Dammit. I mean, gosh. I mean, jimminy cricket!

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