09 June 2007

All of the Reasons Why the Job Search Is Back On

  1. I have a very low tolerance for Born-Agains. I'm all for religious freedom, exploration, etc., but I'm not all for hearing about it all the time, sorry.
  2. My boss is trying to totally screw me pay-wise. He's trying to pay me as an independent contractor, making me responsible for all of my taxes etc. At $11/hour? No, thank you.
  3. The other girl who works there, who was hired two weeks after me and is not my boss thinks she's my boss, and I frankly cannot handle being bossed around by somebody who got a tattoo on her foot to honor the firefighters lost in 9/11. And is not in any way affiliated with firefighters.
  4. Because of where my desk is, I cannot use the internet while I'm at work. Everyone else is playing WoW, shopping at Old Navy, etc., but patients can see my computer. Which. Sucks. Balls.

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